Our Strategy


Both on and off the court, Oakdale aspires to be a champion club. And this aspiration is built from a deep understanding of the dual meaning of the word ‘champion’:

– A person or team who has surpassed all rivals in a sporting contest or competition.
– Someone who vigorously supports a person or cause.

So, yes we aspire to produce championship teams. Teams that win titles and are respected not just for the result, but also the style and spirit in which we play the game.

But much deeper is our desire to help girls and young women grow and develop. To be the best they can be. To create lasting friendships; develop new skills; become strong and resilient. To be respectful and respected. We see netball as a bonding agent – the glue that connects us. As team mates, as colleagues and as friends. And we use that bond to support our champion cause: an environment that develops and supports strong, happy, healthy young women.

That’s what makes Oakdale a champion club.


At Oakdale, we value….Unity, Loyalty, Positivity and Bravery.

Unity: At the heart of the Oakdale Netball Club brand is sense of unity, community and togetherness. We create a welcoming environment that allows young women to be the best they can be. We understand that unity is strength; that when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. We live by the motto “one in, all in”. At Oakdale, we work together for a common goal – to be a champion club, both on and off the court.

Loyalty: Key to Oakdale’s ongoing success is our sense of loyalty – to our club and to each other. We are friendly, supportive and always look out for each other. It’s part of the reason why Oakdale is a destination club. It’s that feeling you can’t quite describe. That feeling you get when you are surrounded by good people whose hearts are in the right place. Oakdale are winners – but it’s not all about winning. It’s much more than that. Their people bleed purple. And once you’ve been welcomed into the fold, you may just end up with purple blood in your veins too.

Positivity: Part of what makes Oakdale such a champion club is their unbridled energy and enthusiasm. Oakies people are so proud, so optimistic and so positive about their club that it’s impossible not to be caught up in its groundswell. It’s a virtual tsunami of positivity that sweeps you off your feet! Oakdale is an amazing community that welcomes you in to its fold. And boy do they know how the celebrate! An infectious sense of fun, laughter and celebration are central to the Oakdale Netball Club. Win, lose or draw, the confidence and positivity never fades.

Bravery: Oakies people are proud of their club and confident of its continued success. And with this confidence comes bravery – the ability to make strong decisions and break new ground. Players and commercial partners are attracted to Oakdale because of this. All Oakdale teams take the game on. Their game style is fast and fearless; bold and brave. And they are always entertaining and exciting. At Oakdale we are relentless until the final whistle blows.

Oakdale Strategy and Branding was developed in conjunction with Branded Culture 


Oakdale Netball Club was formed in 1962 by a small group of women who resided at Oaklands Park and Warradale, hence the name “Oakdale”. One of these women was life member, Raechel May who continued her association with the club throughout her life. Raechel was awarded an AMND Service Award in 1981 and Life Membership to the club, she sadly passed away in 2008. Oakdale Netball Club proudly remembers Raechel and her fellow foundation members through presentation of annual awards in their names. The President’s award for outstanding contribution to the club epitomises Raechel May’s work ethic over considerable time.

Oakdale Netball Club was admitted to SANA (Netball SA) State League Competition in 1982. A compelling feature of the club has always been its commitment to community and this is reflected in high levels of participation at club events and in its support of community initiatives.


Oakdale draws athlete from many suburbs around Adelaide and has grown from a single team, to a major force in Netball, with teams playing at all levels.

Hard work and persistence see representation at ANL and State League level and many of our athletes [who have been with us since juniors] gained State and All Australian status in Open, Under 21, Under 19 and Under 17 teams.

Athletes including Michelle den Dekker, Rebecca Sanders, and Peta Scholz began their playing careers at Oakdale Netball Club. The club has been extremely competitive, finishing in the top four of the State League Premiership table from 2003 to 2009.

The State League team under Coach, Megan Carter, won the Premiership in 2009. In 2008, Peta Scholz returned from the Thunderbirds and was awarded the first of successive Netball SA Player of the Year Awards.

The Club is competitive, participating in finals since our return to the Premier league with Brian Lines as our Director of Coaching and Vanessa Dempsey as our Premier League Head Coach, the improvement of athletes across all grades will continue to grow through our development programs.

In 2012, the club celebrated its 50th birthday. At our 50th Anniversary, we presented Decade of Excellence Awards to those who contributed to our success through leadership, coaching and playing – the following esteemed members were acknowledged:

  • Megan Carter – awarded Coach Excellence Award
  • Peta Scholz – awarded Outstanding Player of the Decade
  • Dalice Kennedy – awarded Outstanding Leader of the Decade.

We are proud of our reputation as a family friendly club that is a major source of high quality athlete to the highest levels of state competition, state representation and in some cases, on national and international stages.

Oakdale Netball Club has been proud to be part of Netball SA’s Indigenous round each year since its inception in 2018.

The NSA Premier League Indigenous Round is a great opportunity to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate the contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people have and continue to make to our club, the sport of netball and the wider community. It also helps to engage the Indigenous community in netball settings fostering unique and successful pathways for Indigenous people. We want to provide a pathway to engage individuals. It also provides an opportunity to work towards better understanding in promoting fairness and respect.

The dress was first introduced by Oakdale in the 2018 PL Season as part of the Indigenous Round/NAIDOC Week and was designed by Indigenous Artist Shane Cook in conjunction with Vanessa Dempsey (Our Current Oakdale Premier League and Head Coach).

Key points of the dress design are the players gathering around the meeting place representing the netball court. Each layer of the meeting place representing each quarter the game is played in. The outside layers of dots representing the people families and communities who come to watch the players. The small circles on the top and bottom of the design that are spaced across the dotted line are the games played in through out the season and the dotted line itself representing the journey the players are on.